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The Plan

Keto 40 offers a balanced approach, ideal for women over 40 seeking significant weight loss. With less fat than typical ketogenic diets, it emphasizes a nutritious blend of proteins, low-carb vegetables, and healthy fats. This sustainable plan moves away from extreme carb restrictions, focusing on long-term lifestyle changes for effective weight management. By avoiding processed and sugary foods, Keto 40 nourishes the body with essential nutrients, making it a practical and maintainable choice for lifelong health and wellness.

Core Principles


40 grams of carbs (or less) daily
avoid processed foods; limit dairy
eat 6-8 servings of approved vegetables
3 servings (4-6 oz) of healthy protein (no bacon, processed meats)
3 servings (1 TBSP each) of healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, butter, some cheeses)
3-5 servings of other carbs (low-sugar fruit, limited alcohol, higher-sugar/starch veggies)


Exercise every 3 days (20-30 minutes to break a sweat) (brisk walking, bike riding, jogging, trampoline, swimming laps)
Deep breathing (,,
Daily stretching/yoga –


1-2 days per week: 5:2 Fasting helps limit calories over a week, may reduce inflamation, etc (;
Not a no-food day, but a low-food day. Unlimited broth, soup with protein and veggies, 3 oz steak)


Positive affirmations, gratitude (especially for insomnia)
Listen to your internal voice re: hunger